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IHIP Login: Everything You Need To Know

IHIP is a resource, a login portal created by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The goal of the IHIP program is to track national sickness trends. Its goal is to recognize illness indicators so that appropriate public health actions may be implemented for improved healthcare. The IHIP hmis webpage was established by the Indian government, which also unveiled the IHIP app. Additionally, The platform for providing services from national health programs is this portal. We will go over how to use the IHIP IDSP (Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme), IHIP Login process and access the IHIP portal entry in this post.

Known About IHIP Portal 

IHIP Portal is also called the Integrated Health Information Platform. The Indian government launched the IHIP hmis. The IHIP web portal’s objective is to offer disease surveillance throughout India. Also, this program plays a key role in gathering information that makes it easier to set the right boundaries and respond to health emergencies. International organizations contribute significantly to the program’s financial assistance. Furthermore, financial support is given to other Indian states for internal uses, guaranteeing a thorough and well-resourced national surveillance apparatus.

Details Of IHIP Portal

Name of the PortalIHIP Portal
Managed byMinistry of Health and Family Welfare   
IHIP Full FormIntegrated Health Information Platform      
Served UnderIntegrated Disease Surveillance Programme     
ProvideNational Health Programmes (NHP)       
Official websitewww.ihip.nhp.gov.in 

Features Of IHIP Portal

In contrast to other platforms that might not supply you any more motions. You may improve your watching experience by using a plethora of amazing options that are available when IHIP login to the platform is done.

  • Reporting based on current data
  • Sophisticated data modeling and analysis tools
  • Capable of GIS Adding a dashboard’s data visualization functionality
  • Roles and hierarchies influence feedback and warning mechanisms.
  • Submitting the geographic tags of medical institutions
  • Locations where there is potential for data integration with other health services

Objective Of IDSP IHIP Portal

To improve disease surveillance and response, the Indian government’s IDSP has created units at the state and municipal levels. These facilities are essential to fortifying the country’s healthcare system. The capabilities of health laboratories are being improved since they are crucial for precise diagnosis and condition monitoring. The Integrated Health Information Platform is a crucial element of this endeavor (IHIP). Also, the idsp ihip login is an essential tool for spotting illness early warning indicators, enabling prompt tests and treatments. It takes a proactive attitude to effectively manage and control illness.  Furthermore, the primary focus of government healthcare services is on treating a select group of high-priority illnesses. Additionally, By focusing resources and efforts on addressing the most urgent health issues, this tailored strategy maximizes the effectiveness of healthcare treatments.

Process To Register On IHIP Portal

Remember that there is no online enrollment available for the IHIP (Integrated Health Information Platform) Portal. Instead, an individual must go through a verification process with a body that the IHIP app has authorized. This usually means scheduling a meeting with a representative of the state health ministry. During this visit, the agent will provide you your IHIP portal login or IHIP sign in information and assist you with the registration process. Moreover, This implies that the only way to gain access to the portal and the ability to IHIP login to communicate with these authorized persons directly. Every user will have safe and verified portal access thanks to this process.

Process For IHIP login

IHIP Portal Login

You are all set to complete the IHIP login process without any problems once you have finished registering on the site. 

  • Visit this URL to access the official IHIP Portal login: To access the official IHIP website, use a laptop or mobile gadget. There are two ways to find the IHIP gateway: through the IHIP app or online.
  • View this is the IHIP portal’s home page : After that, Take note of the login button located on the portal’s home page.
  • Click the IHIP login URL : On the website’s right side is a link that will allow you to log in.
  • Type enter your login information: In the IHIP hmis login box, type in your registered password and username.
  • Done simply IHIP Portal Login: For information submission, enter the login credentials and press the login button. Moreover, getting on the site is simple after the login credentials have been entered.

Process To Reset Password On IHIP Login

If you can’t remember your IHIP login password, follow the instructions below to reset it.

  • Visit https://ihip.mohfw.gov.in/idsp/#!/home to access the official IHIP website.
  • After that, click the sign-in button.
  • Choose the option to “Reset Password” from the login screen.
  • After that, Give the username you are using.
  • Next, type in a fresh password.
  • To reset the password, enter the necessary information.

Process To Submit IHIP P Form Login

To avail IHIP’s services, users have to perform additional step after registration and login process which is to fill IHIP P Form Login. Here’s how you can have glimpse over submitting their P Form:

  1. Once you’ve redirected to their official dashboard by searching on your browser, you can scroll the page.
  2. Complete your login process by following above given guide.
  3. Now, Click on P Form which refers to patient form.
  4. Here, enter details such as patient name, mobile number, etc.
  5. It is suggested to cross check your details before final submission.

Various Services Offered Under IHIP App

As you have a clear idea that the portal provides various services to the users. Given are the list of few of them ihip app services are:-

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Health Analytics
  • Telemedicine
  • Health Resource Directory
  • Health Dashboard
  • Health Information Management
  • Disease Surveillance
  • Public Health Programs
  • Health Financing

Benefits Of IHIP Portal

Making use of your IHIP portal opens up a world of benefits. Here are some of the most well-liked benefits of using this platform, which come mostly from the feedback of users. 

  • A system for integrated disease surveillance is offered by IHIP portal entry.
  • IHIP developed a large number of units at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Improvements to public health laboratories are also addressed under the IHIP effort.
  • Early warning signs are being identified by IHIP to help patients wait for scheduled checks.
  • Government health services are also offered via IHIP.


The IHIP Portal was launched by the Ministry of Health in order to monitor and identify any illnesses within the state. This data-driven strategy makes it possible to manage under difficult circumstances. Furthermore, Epidemics can be avoided by recognizing issues at the state level and acting quickly to address health concerns. Additionally, To identify diseases that are spreading, the National Health Program has put in place an inspection system that can be accessed via the IHIP login app. perhaps save lives at the national level.

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